When it comes to holiday decorating companies, you have a lot of choices. However, not all holiday decorating companies are created equal — that’s a fact. Cost, time and safety are critical during the busiest time of the year — and that’s where an award-winning holiday decorating/lighting company can step in and take the burden off of your hands. But before choosing a company, you’ll need to know what to look for to ensure your property is in the spirit all season long.

Here are 10 things you should consider when choosing a holiday decorating company.

1. Costs

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Avoid companies that have prices that are a lot lower than the rest because that just means they are cutting costs somewhere else, like not having enough experience or low-quality products.

2. Timing

You want your holiday lights up well before Christmas Day, but there’s a limited window of time to get them up. So, check the company’s schedule to make sure that’s possible.

3. Safety

The holiday season can be a real winter wonderland with ice and snow covering your yard and roof, creating some dangerous conditions. Make sure you hire a safety-focused company.

4. Storage

Unless you want to rummage through your garage only to find missing or damaged holiday lights, you’ll need
a company that will store your decor in their facility during the off season. They can guarantee all of your lights will be safe, secure and easy to find when it’s that time of year again.

5. Energy Use

Look for a company that uses the most energy-efficient lighting and decor available. You may be leasing lights, but you’re not leasing electricity: Your utility bill will thank you when the holidays come to a close.

6. Community Policies

Some neighborhoods or HOAs might have rules about holiday lighting, so check with them first before getting the ball rolling. Once that’s covered, the holiday decorating company can make sure your lighting follows all installation and electrical codes.

7. Repairs

There’s nothing worse than when a string of lights goes out. It can take hours to find the culprit and repair the strand. Make sure the company you choose can take care of this quickly and carefully.

8. Inventory

Everyone has different design and color tastes, so make sure the company can accommodate your style with a large lighting and decor inventory.

9. Designs

Check out their past holiday project photos to see what they’re capable of doing. Plus, this will give you ideas for what you want at your house.

10. Holidays

Already in a festive mood? You don’t have to wait until Christmas to have your house decorated. See if the company offers lighting for other upcoming holidays like Halloween or Thanksgiving.


Make the Whole Process Simple

Keep your property in the spirit all season long with a process that’s as easy as it gets. We provide the decorations, put them up, take them down and store them — all for one price. You have enough to worry about during the holiday season, so don’t let your decorations be one of those things. Find out what our holiday lighting and decorating services include with a free consultation!

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